• Viktor Skachkov Zaporozhe national university
  • Hanna Каrpеnkо Zaporozhe national university
  • Vladyslav Rumyantsev Zaporozhe national university
  • Yurii Kuris institute of engineering theplophysic NANU
  • Yurii Mosejko Zaporozhe national university
  • Vladimir Movchan National university of ship-building


One of methods for production of carbon composition materials is a casting of aquatic suspensions,which foresees preparation of aquatic suspension of the set classification and concentrationcomposition, forming of carboplastic billet by the aquatic suspension deposition on filters,drying of the bullet with subsequent realization of high temperature treatment. The deposition ofaquatic suspension is accompanied by the phenomena of sedimentation of its components,change of effective resistance to outflow of rare phase as a result of increase of sediment height and forming of its density. Calculation and experimental researches of multicomponent aquaticsuspension deposition at the production of low-compacted carbon composites is performed.The mathematical model of forming of sediment taking into account the increase of its thicknessis worked out which is presented as a system of two kinetic equations. The first equation setsspeed of outflow of liquid phase of suspension, second equation - speed of growth for layer ofthe wrapped particles. By its transformation transcendent equation for determination of suspensionoutflow duration of from filters is got. The numeral decision of the indicated equation wasperformed on computer with the use of algorithmic language of «Turbo Pascal». Influence ofeffective resistance of filter and thickness sediment layer of is studied on speed of suspensionoutflow. Dependence of time of suspension outflow on the sizes of remaining and hydraulic resistanceof liquid is certain. Distribution of closeness is educed on the height of the poured offpurveyance, and also changes of billet mass at drying.


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