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Publisher: Zaporizhzhia National University

Published since 1998

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The journal “Metallurgy” covers topical issues of priority areas of metallurgy theory and practice, such as controlling the process of segregation of a coarse-grained charge during its loading onto an agglomerating strip, ways of improving the stages of design, installation and adjustment of the control system of the technological process of sorting products, mathematical modelling of the operation of the block heater of blast furnace, when it is heated by the natural-blend mixture, critical analysis of current sheet metal cutting technologies and devices, investigation of the homogeneity and dispersion of the cast steel structure in the process of smelting of an ingot of an electroslag alloy, improving the control system for steelmaking; optimization of deoxidation-alloying of steels at discharge from the furnace to the ladle, research into the technology of spent nuclear fuel processing and certain types of nuclear waste, strategy and tactics of resource and energy saving in metallurgy of alloying refractory materials, current state of the world titanium industry, obtaining dispersed powders of metal carbides, influence of gas spraying parameters, as well as the physical properties of the melt and gas on the size and shape of the obtained powder particles, methods of high-temperature electrochemical synthesis, methods of investigation of kinetics of interaction of intermetallic alloys under conditions of high-temperature synthesis, investigation of physical and technical characteristics of bulk and plate pyrolitic graphite, theoretical and experimental studies of the process of hardening of phenol-formaldehyde binder in carbon composites, study of the influence of modes of firing of magnesium refractories, reliability calculations of composite structures, research on the productivity of the ventilation unit to reduce the concentration of harmful substances in the air of the work area of the production premises.